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Dialog Programming Interview Questions in SAP ABAP

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SAP ABAP Dialog Programming Interview Questions

Dialog Programming is a special type of programming in SAP ABAP. Dialog programming (Module pool) is used to create custom SAP screens as per business requirement. Dialog programs are executed using t-codes with out t-code we can’t execute the program. This post gives the second part of Interview questions on Dialog Programming.

Module Pool Programming Interview Questions in SAP ABAP

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41) The Function code currently active is ascertained by what Variable in SAP ABAP?

42) What are the “field” and “chain” Statements in SAP ABAP?

43) What is an “on input” statement?

44) What is an “on request” statement in SAP ABAP?

45) What is an on”*-input” statement?

46) What is “at exit-command in SAP ABAP?

47) Which Function type has to be used for using “at exit-command”?

48) Navigation to a subsequent screen can be specified statically/dynamically.


49) Dynamic screen sequence for a screen can be set using what commands in SAP ABAP?

50) The commands through which an ABAP/4 Module can “branch to “or “call” the next screen is what?

51) What is difference between SET SCREEN and CALL SCREEN?

52) Can we specify the next screen number with a variable (Yes/No)?

53) The field SY-DYNNR refers to what in SAP ABAP?

54) The Syntax used to call a screen as dialog box (pop up) is what?

55) What is “call mode” in SAP ABAP?

56) The max number of calling modes stacked at one time is?

57) What happens if only one of the commands SET SCREEN and LEAVE SCREEN is used without using the other?

58) What is the significance of the screen number ‘0’ in SAP ABAP?

59) What is the significance of the memory table ‘SCREEN’?

60) Why grouping of fields is required? What is the max no of modification groups for each field?

61) What is a screen group? How it is useful in SAP ABAP?

62) What is a Sub screen? How can we use a Sub screen in SAP ABAP?

63) What are the restrictions on Sunscreens in SAP ABAP?

64) How can we use / display table in a screen in SAP ABAP?

65) What are the differences between TABLE CONTROLS and STEP LOOPS?

66) What are the dynpro keywords in SAP ABAP?

67) Why do we need to code a LOOP statement in both the PBO and PAI events for each table in the screen?

68) How can we declare a table control in the ABAP/4 program in SAP ABAP?

69) Differentiate between static and dynamic step loops in SAP ABAP.

70) What are the two ways of producing a list within a transaction?

71) What is the use of the statement Leave to List-processing in SAP ABAP?

72) When will the current screen processing terminates?

73) How is the command Suppress-Dialog useful in SAP ABAP?

74) What happens if we use Leave to list-processing without using Suppress-Dialog?

75) How the transaction that is programmed by the user can be protected?

76) SAP system configuration includes Dialog tasks and Update tasks.

77) How can a lock object be called in the transaction in SAP ABAP?

78) What are the events by which we can program “help texts” and display “possible value lists”?

79) In what ways we can get the context sensitive F1 help on a field in SAP ABAP?

80) What is the difference between Leave Transaction and Call Transaction?

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Sivakumar said...

42) We used to validate the inputs fields .

43) selection-screen on input .
one we enter the field value on the screen .

44) selection-screen on request ( key field : F1 ) .
We will get the technical info from the fields.

55) we use this command to call another screens

58 ) it is used to go to the main screen or previous screen .

call leave to screen '0'.

62) We use to select a Screen type as " SubScreen"
and we will call the subscreen in Normal screen .



Sivakumar (

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