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SAP Object Oriented ABAP Interview Questions

Object oriented programming is one of the most popular methodologies in software development in SAP ABAP. Object Oriented offers a powerful model for creating computer programs. OO Programming speeds the program development process improves maintenance and enhances reusability of programs. This post gives the list of Interview questions on Object Oriented Programming in SAP ABAP part-1.

Object Oriented ABAP Interview Questions

1)          What is a class?how do u create

2)          What is an object? how do u create

3)          What do u mean by attributes and methods?Any real time ex?

4)          What is the diff b/w instance and static comp?how do u access them? Explain?

5)          What is diff b/w private,public,protected?

6)          In how many ways we can create a class?

7)          How does u create a method?

8)          Can we define user defined types in classes?

9)          What is a table type and what is its use??

10)      What is an event?

11)      What is an event handler method?explain syntax?

12)      What is set handler? please explain syntax?

13)      How does u raise an event?

14)      Explain the concept of events?any real time ex?

15)      What is a constructor and types?

16)      Why do we use construcors? Ay real time ex?

17)      What is the diff b/w instance and static construcor?

18)      Can we define importing and exp parameters for constructors?

19)      Which constructor I s executed first?

20)      What is an Inteface?any real time ex?

21)      What is polymorphism?

22)      How do we use interfaces in classes?

23)      What are aliases?

24)      What is inheritance?explain syntax?

25)      What is super?

26)      What is redifination?

27)      Do we have multiple inheritance and mulit level inheritance?

28)      What is an abstract class?

29)      Can we create an object to abstract class? If no,then how?

30)      What is FINAL?

31)      Can we access private variables of super class? If yes how??

32)      Did you work on OOPS ALV? If yes explain?

33)      What are the advantages of OO ALV’S?

34)      What are the classes in OO ALV’S?

35)      What are the methods?

36)      What is custom container?

37)      What is a fieldcatelog?

38)      Did u work on interactive ALV? I f yes explain the procedure?

39)      Also explain the procedure of interactive ALV using FM’S?

40)      Can we display 2 grids on a single screen, If yes how?

41)      How did u display logo/top of page in OOALV and normal ALV?

42)      Explain about Object oriented programming?

43)      Object oriented Concepts?

44)      What is a class?

45)      What is an object?

46)      How many types of classes are there in OOAbap?

47)      What is the difference between function group and classes?

48)      What are the differences local & global classes?

49)      What are the Components of a class?

50)      How to define a class locally?

Dear ABAPers, if you know any answers please provide answers in below comment box. 

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Anonymous said...

Ans 1)
Class - Classes are templates for objects. Conversely, you can say that the type of an object is the same as its class. A class is an abstract description of an object. You could say that it is a set of instructions for building an object. The attributes of objects are defined by the components of the class, which describe the state and behavior of objects.

Class can be created by going to SE24 transaction.

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