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SAP BADI Interview Questions in ABAP

BADI Interview Questions in ABAP
SAP BADI Interview Questions in ABAP, BADI Interview Questions and Answers.

BADI in SAP is one way of implementing enhancements to the standard SAP software with out modifying the original code. SAP ABAP BADI uses object oriented program technique to implement enhancement. Here we are providing the list of interview questions on SAP BADI's.

BADI Interview Questions in ABAP

Here in this post we SAP ABAP Interview Questions presenting real time interview questions on SAP BADI. Read below interview questions and find, prepare answers in best way. Here one best article on how to find BADI in different methods.  

SAP BADI Interview Questions in ABAP

1. What is a BAdi in SAP ABAP?

2. Diff between exits and BAdi in SAP ABAP?

3. How many steps involved in developing BADI’s what are they?

4. What TCODES we use for BAdi’S?

5. What is a class name for Badi in SAP ABAP?

6. What is the interface name for Badi?

7. How do you find Implementations for a BAdi?

8. How do you find BAdi’s for a TCODE?

9. How many types of badis are there in SAP ABAP?

10. What is a single implementation Badi?

11. What is the use of multiple implementations Baidi’s?

12. What is the diff between single and multiple implementations Badi’s?

13. Can I use all BAdi’S in SAP ABAP?

14. What are the diff types of BAdi’S?

15. What is a filter BAdi? How can I find it?

16. Where do you specify the filter value for Badi in abap?

17. Can I control the sequence execution of BAdi’S?

18. How can I find multiple Implementation BAdi in SAP ABAP?

19. What is a custom Badi in SAP ABAP?

20. Have you created custom Badi?

21. What are the uses of SE18 and SE19 Tcodes ?

22. What are the properties of Badi’s in SAP ABAP?

23. What is CL_EXITHANDLER in Badi?

24. What is GET_INSTANCE in Badi?

25. There is one scenario, a badi consists of multiple implementations and I wish to execute only one implementation then how can I execute that particular implementation?

26. Can you tell me some examples of Badi’s which you used in your project?

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