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SAP Web Dynpro ABAP Interview Questions Answers

Webdynpro ABAP Interview Questions Answers
SAP Web dynpro, ABAP Web dynpro Real Time Interview Questions and Answers-1, SAP Webdynpro ABAP, SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP.

SAP WDA is the standard SAP technology to develop the web based applications using the SAP's standard programming language called ABAP/4. Here in this post we are going to provide real time interview questions and answers on SAP Webdynpro ABAP. These real time interview questions are helpful for the ABAPer's who are going to attend interviews on Web Dynpro ABAP. Refer this post for more details and real time interview questions on SAP Webdynpro ABAP. Click on read more to read this article.

SAP Webdynpro ABAP Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Webdynpro ABAP Real Time Interview Questions and Answers-1, SAP Webdynpro ABAP, SAP Web Dynpro for ABAP, SAP WDA is the standard SAP technology to develop the web based applications using the SAP's standard programming language called ABAP/4

Here in this post we are going to provide real time interview questions and answers on SAP Webdynpro ABAP. These real time interview questions are helpful for the ABAPer's who are going to attend interviews on Web Dynpro ABAP. Refer this post for more details and real time interview questions on SAP Webdynpro ABAP.

Webdynpro ABAP Real Time Interview Questions Answers

1)What are the Types of ABAP UI Technologies? 

Ans: Webdynpro for ABAP, BSP

2)What are the MVC Architecture Concepts and usage of the same in ABAP Webdynpro programming?

Ans: As per the MVC Architecture there is a clear separation between flow logic, view and the Business Logic.

View holds all the UI elements that are visible in the UI, Controllers have the flow logic.

Controllers are of different kind (Component Controller, View Controller, and Window Controller).

Business logic is held in the Model which is in the form of Assistance class in webdynpro context.

3)Tell me what is the Difference Between the View Container and the Transparent? Container 

Ans: View Container holds the views, there can be multiple views assigned to the view container but only one view can be active (viewed) at a time.

Transparent holds the webdynpro UI elements, A layout type can be associated with it.

4) What does a Model Class Consists?

Ans: Model Class is the Assistance class in webdynpro. 

It contains the Business logic in the form of methods, Global data & Constants in the form of Class Attributes.

The Model class can be accessed in webdynpro component using the attribute wd_assist

Note: All the visibility properties of the Class are applicable when accessing the class using the object wd_assist.

5) What is an Assistance Class and How it is instantiated in Webdynpro? 

Ans: Assistance Class is the model class which would act as the data provider for the webdynpro component and it is instantiated by the webdynpro component during the run time and no explicit instantiation is required.

6)What are the Design Patterns in Webdynpro ABAP?

(GAF, OIF, QAF Etc)Refer to the link:

7) How do you debug an web based Application (It Could be from ABAP Webdynpro, BSP or CRM Web UI)? 

Ans: External break-points should be used to debug web UI's.

8) How do you create a ALV Report/Editable ALV in Webdynpro? 


->Add the Standard ALV component to the web dynpro Component.

->Use Components tab: Ex: ALV_MATS type SLV_WD_TABLE

->Create a context node with the table field information to be displayed

->Write the ALV Default Code for table display

->Set the read only attribute to false to switch to editable mode using the method set_read_only of the interface IF_SALV_WD_TABLE_SETTINGS implementing class CL_SALV_WD_CONFIG_TABLE).

 9)Explain how do you navigate between Views in Webdynpro? 

Ans: Navigation between Views is through Plugs (Inbound and Outbound),

10)What is the usage of Plugs in Webdynpro ABAP? 

Ans: Plugs are used to Navigate between the views. 

Parameters can be passed using the plugs similar to interface parameters of function module or a class method.

11) Describe usage of Webdynpro Component Controller? 

Ans: Component controller is used to the store the Global attributes and Methods of the component. 

Attributes/methods declared in the component controller are visible throughout the component and they are accessed using the attribute wd_comp_controller outside of component controller (like views,windows etc).

All the context nodes defined in the component controller are visible in all the views and windows of the component.

Ex: if a variable called gv_count is defined in the component controller, it can be accessed in the view using the syntax wd_comp_controller->gv_count.

12) How do you access a Context Nodes and Elements programmatically, Code required for accessing the Context Nodes can be written using the webdynpro code wizard.

For Ex: 

if there exists a Node Node1 with cardinality 1:1 and has 3 Attributes to it Att1, Att2,Att3.

The attributes can be accessed using the below code.

data: lo_nd_node1 type ref to if_wd_context_node.

data: lo_el_node1 type ref to if_wd_context_element.

data: ls_node1 type wd_this->element_node1.lo_nd_node1 = wd_context
->get_child_node( name = wd_this->wdctx_node1 ).lo_el_node1 = lo_nd_node1
->get_element( ).**Read Node1lo_el_node1
->get_static_attributes(importingstatic_attributes = ls_node1 ).

**Write to Node1lo_el_node1->set_static_attributes(exportingstatic_attributes = ls_node1 ).

13) Message Areas in Webdynpro Message areas are created in views to display messages (Error, Success, Warning, and Info). 

WD allows having multiple Message errors in a view but throws an error when the view is displayed. Use the code wizard to get code for raising error messages.

Few of the message classes and methods are: Interface: if_wd_message_manager.methods: report_t100_message.(used to report message from the message class)

14)What is the concept of OTR (Online Text Repository) and its Usage?

OTR's are similar to text elements in ABAP.

OTR's are created for UI texts and texts can be maintained in multiple language.

OTR's can be created using the transaction: SOTR_EDIT

15)What is the concept of Interface Views?

If the views of a different components are need to be used in a webdynpro component mark the view as interface view and use it in another component.

It's similar to using a, include in a program. 

An Interface view of the component can be used in any number of components. This concept supports the re usability of the views.

16)Explain the Sequence of Webdynpro?








WDDOINIT of the component controller, 

WDDOINIT of the Window Controller, 

WDDOINIT of the View Controller, 

WDMODIFYVIEW (On Input/Display on any UI Element). 

WDBEFOREACTION (Method for validation of user input, Once the user action happens on the UI) 

WDAFTERACTION (Method for non-action specific operations before Navigation) 

WDDOEXIT (Exit from the View/Window/Component Controller) 

WDPOSTPROCESSING (used to perform exception handling for supply function methods)

17) Can a Component have Multiple Applications?

Yes, for a given webdynpro component any number of applications can be created.

Applications are similar to transactions in SAP. 

You can associate different Interface views of the component to create different applications using the same component.

18) How do you launch a Webdynpro Application from a Transaction?

19) How do you Navigate between two Webdynpro Components?

You can use Interface views to navigate between components or create a navigation class and do a explicit call.

20)Explain how do you create a tree in Webdynpro?

 Tree UI element is used to create Tree in Webdynpro. 

Tree can be defined as part of the table column.

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