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50 SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Freshers & Experienced


Welcome to SAP ABAP Interview Questions. This post consists SAP ABAP 50 Interview Questions for Experienced Programmers. Read refresher SAP ABAP Interview Questions for experienced and freshers programmers. 

When you are looking for a change in your present SAP Job, this post helps you to refresh your SAP ABAP Programming knowledge and SAP ABAP Interview Questions. Click on read more for SAP ABAP Interview Questions for experienced programmers.

SAP ABAP 50 Interview Questions for Experienced Programmers

SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers Programmers

1.What specific statements do you using when writing a drill down report in SAP ABAP?

2.What are different tools to report data in SAP? What all have you used?

3.What are the advantages and disadvantages of SAP ABAP query tool?

4.What are the functional areas in SAP? User groups? How does ABAP query work in relation to these?

5.Is a logical database a requirement/must to write an ABAP query?

6.What is the structure of a SAP BDC sessions?

7.What are Change header/detail tables? Have you used them in your SAP Projects?

8.What do you do when the system crashes in the middle of a BDC batch session?

9.What do you do with errors in SAP BDC batch sessions?

10.How do you set up background jobs in SAP? What are the steps? What are the event driven batch jobs?

SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers Programmers

11.Is it possible to run host command from SAP environment? How do you run?

12.What kind of financial periods exist in SAP? What is the relevant table for that?

13.Does SAP handle multiple currencies? Multiple languages?

14.What is a currency factoring technique in SAP ABAP?

15.How do you document ABAP programs? Do you use program documentation menu option for your SAP Projects?

16.What is SAP script and layout set?

17.What are the ABAP commands that link to a layout set?

18.What is output determination in SAP ABAP.

19.What does an EXEC SQL statement do in SAP ABAP? What is the disadvantage of using it?

20.What is the meaning of ABAP editor integrated with ABAP data dictionary?

SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers Programmers

21.What are the events in SAP ABAP language?

Initialization, At selection-screen,Start-of-selection,end-of-selection,top-of-page,end-of-page, At line-selection,At user-command,At PF,Get

23.What is an interactive report? What is the obvious diff of such report compared with classical type reports?

An Interactive report is a dynamic drill down report that produces the list on users choice.

a) the list produced by classical report doesn't allow user to interact with the system the list produced by interactive report allows the user to interact with the system.

b) once a classical report executed user looses control, in interactive reports user has control.

c) in classical report drilling is not possible, in interactive reports interactive drilling is possible.

24. What is a drill down report?

Its an Interactive report where in the user can get more relevant data by selecting explicitly.

25.How do you write a function module in SAP? Describe.

creating function module:-

called program - se37-creating function group, function module by assigning attributes,importing, exporting, tables, exceptions.

calling program - SE38-in program click pattern and write function name- provide export,import,tables, exception values.

26.What are the exceptions in function module?

communication_failure  ,system_failure 

27.What is a function group?

group of all related functions. 

28.How are the date abd time field values stored in SAP?

YYYY:MM:DDnd time is HH:MM:SS

29.What are the fields in a BDC_Tab Table?

30.Name a few data dictionary objects?

SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers Programmers

31.What happens when a table is activated in DD?

It is available for any insertion,modification and updation of records by any user.

32.What is a check table and what is a value table?

Check table will be at field level checking. Value table will be at domain level checking ex: scarr table is check table for carrid.

33.What are match codes? Describe?

It is a similar to table index that gives list of possible values for either primary keys or non-primary keys.

34.What transactions do you use for data analysis?

35.What is table maintenance generator?

36.What are ranges? What are number ranges?

37.What are select options and what is the diff from parameters?

38.How do you validate the selection criteria of a report? And how do you display initial values in a selection screen?

39.What are selection texts?

40.What is CTS and what do you know about it?

SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers Programmers

41.When a program is created and need to be transported to prodn does selection texts always go with it? if not how do you make sure? Can you change the CTS entries? How do you do it?

42.What is the client concept in SAP? What is the meaning of client independent?

43.Are programs client dependent?

44.Name a few system global variables you can use in ABAP programs?

45.What are internal tables? How do you get the number of lines in an internal table? How to use a specific number occurs statement?

46.How do you take care of performance issues in your ABAP programs?

47.What are datasets?

48.How to find the return code of a statement in ABAP programs?

49.What are interface/conversion programs in SAP?

50.Have you used SAP supplied programs to load master data?

SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers Programmers

51.What is the typical structure of an ABAP program?


52.What are field symbols and field groups.? Have you used "component idx of structure" clause with field groups?

53.What should be the approach for writing a BDC program?

step 1: converting the legacy system data to a flat file to internal table called "conversion".

step 2: transfering the flat file into sap system called "sap data transfer".

step 3: depending upon the bdc type 

i)call transaction(write the program explicity)          

ii) create sessions (sessions are created and processed.if success data will transfer).

54.What is a batch input session?

BATCH INPUT SESSION is an intermediate step between internal table and database table. Data along with the action is stored in session ie data for screen fields, to which screen it is passed,program name behind it, and how next screen is processed.

55.What is the alternative to batch input session?

Call transaction.

An SAP ABAP program creates a batch input session. We need to submit the program and the batch session in background. How to do it?

go to SM36 and create background job by giving   job name,job class and job steps (JOB SCHEDULING) 

56.What is the difference between a pool table and a transparent table and how they are stored at the database level?

57.What are the problems in processing batch input sessions? How is batch input process different from processing on line?

i) If the user forgets to opt for keep session then the session will be automatically removed from the session queue(log remains).  However if session is processed we may delete it manually.

ii)if session processing fails data will not be transferred to SAP database table

What do you define in the domain and data element?

Domain : it specifies the technical characteristics of the fields ie data type and length  Data Element :used to define the filed labels and online documentation ( F1 help) for filed.

58.What are the different types of data dictionary objects?

tables, structures, views, domains, data elements, lock objects, Matchcode objects.

59.How many types of tables exist and what are they in data dictionary?

4 types of tables

i)Transparent tables - Exists with the same structure both in dictionary as well as in database exactly with the same data and fields.   Both Opensql and Nativesql can be used.

ii)Pool tables & iii)Cluster tables - 

These are logical tables that are arranged as records of transparent cannot use native sql on these tables (only opensql).They are not managable directly using database system tools.

iv)Internal tables - .  these are the temporary tables stored on RAM on application server.they are created and filled during the program execution and discard when the program ends.

60.What is the step-by-step process to create a table in data dictionary?

There are two ways to create the tables in the data dictionary 

1) bottom up 

2) top down.Int the bottom up we first create the domain,data element and then tables And in top down we first create the tables,data element and then domain…for table creation go to SE11.

SAP ABAP Interview Questions for Experienced and Freshers Programmers

61. Can a transparent table exist in data dictionary but not in the database physically?

ans:- no.
transparent table do exist with the same structure both in the dictionary as well as in the database,exactly with the same data and fields.

62.What are the domains and data elements?

63.Can you create a table with fields not referring to data elements?

YES.  eg:- ITAB LIKE we are referencing to a data object(SPFLI) not data element.

64.What is the advantage of structures? How do you use them in the ABAP programs?

Adv:- GLOBAL EXISTANCE(these could be used by any other program without creating it again). 

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SAP ABAP Interview Questions, This post consists SAP ABAP 50 Interview Questions for Experienced Programmers. Read refresher SAP ABAP Interview Questions for experienced and freshers programmers

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